A special place at the heart of Florence with a carefully handpicked selection of records, instruments, books, and rarities.
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About Occasioni Musicali
The shop is located in the very center of Florence near Duomo and has a long traceable history of work with entertainment industry professionals, private collectors, and everyone devoted to music.
OM's collection contains special and rare items from different times and places, and it's also possible to find an object at the client's request.
This place was always run with great love and passion for music and stories behind the hidden treasures you can find here.
The Story
Founded by Maestro Ugo Guerrini in 1962 first in Via dell'Oche, O.MUS was devoted to sheet music and instruments only. After November 1966 great flood, it moved to via Ricasoli and finally settled on via dell'Oriuolo in the late '80s.
Maurizio Pieri started to collaborate with this place in the '90s while working in his recording studio. He started to furnish the shop with high-quality, rare collector's records. Over time, the store has become a favorite of collectors, and its selection has expanded to include numerous rare items from different areas of culture.
Maurizio Pieri owned the place since 2001 and spends there 6 days a week since then.
Occasioni Musicali di Maurizio Pieri
Via dell' Oriuolo, 33R, 50122 Firenze (FI), Italia
I–VI: 10:45–13:15, 14:45–19:30
+39 055 2347008
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